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Episode Title: Double Trouble
Description: Full House: The beginning of a new year brings exciting changes and difficult adjustments for everyone in the family. Jesse returns from a successful summer of touring with his band, DJ starts high school, and fourth grader Stephanie gets her first male teacher (who also happens to be a "major babe"). Joey teaches a nervous Michelle one way to make new friends in kindergarten, but when it backfires, she must look for some instant help somewhere else. Back at home, Becky and Jesse argue over whether or not to find out the sex of their baby, but a fateful visit to the gynecologist leaves them with an even more monumental piece of news about the pregnancy.

Starring: Andrea Barber, Ashley Olsen, Bob Saget, Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, Jodie Sweetin, John Stamos, Lori Loughlin, Mary-Kate Olsen | See full cast and crew
Genre: Comedy, Family
Countries: USA
Airing Date: September 17, 1991
Runtime: 30 mins
IMDb Rating: Full House (1987) on IMDb
Full House

4.08/5 - (13 Votes)

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