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Description: A restaurant owner leads a double life.
Starring: Adrienne Janic, AJ Benza, Alexandra Paul, Aviva Gale, Bobby C King, Cole Sprouse, Daniella Rich, Dylan Sprouse, Ed Begley Jr, Eva Jenícková, Heidi Jo Markel, Lisa Lord, Maria del Mar, MC Gainey, Michael Des Barres, Nancy Linehan Charles, Nastassja Kinski, Rachelle Carson, Rosanna Arquette, Shea Curry, Shirly Brener, Simone Levin, Tangie Ambrose, TC Warner, Terri Apple, Troy Winbush | See full cast and crew
Genre: Drama
Countries: USA
Director: Joseph Brutsman
Release Date: November 13, 2001
Runtime: 93 mins
IMDb Rating: Diary of a Sex Addict (2001) on IMDb
Diary of a Sex Addict

3.28/5 - (214 Votes)

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Replies To Diary of a Sex Addict 2001

SilverTongue86 | 3 years ago

A very true movie. this is exactly what its like actor did a amazing job delivering it. 1010. by the way for the dumb dumbs thinking youll get off on the movie yea theres boobs but u wont keep a boner :)

M2g0n02 | 4 years ago

its the 3rd/4th time im watching this movie and is still great 30/30 LOL :)

ChoNaGaMboa | 4 years ago

It wasn't much of a Diary to me... more like a regular thing for the character to do.... 3/5

msquad187 | 4 years ago

this is not the movie. the original is very different and better.

boytoyroy | 4 years ago


sweetpealuci | 4 years ago


illus | 4 years ago

No subtitles..........

Kaasbammetje | 4 years ago

@genna11: Ehrm.....he's Sammy jr. in this movie.

Gena11 | 4 years ago


toxicbaby | 4 years ago

Great movie very beautiful storyline n also dam sexy actress 10/10

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