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Description: The story of how Bruce Wayne became what he was destined to be: Batman.
Starring: Alex Argenti, Alexandra Bastedo, Andrew Pleavin, Cedric Young, Charles Edwards, Charlie Kranz, Christian Bale, Christine Adams, Chuen Tsou, Cillian Murphy, Colin McFarlane, Darragh Kelly, Dave Legeno, David Murray, Dean Alexandrou, Ernest Pierce, Gary Oldman, Gerard Murphy, James Embree, Jeff Tanner, Jo Martin, Joe Hanley, John Burke, John Judd, John Ka
Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime
Countries: USA, UK
Director: Christopher Nolan
Release Date: June 15, 2005
Runtime: 140 mins
IMDb Rating: Batman Begins (2005) on IMDb

4.55/5 - (152 Votes)

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Replies To Batman Begins 2005

sayywutt | 8 years ago

Very good Movie Liam Neeson as ra's al ghul Awesome Bale as batman Woot 9/10

implicitype_var | 8 years ago

this batman triology was the best ever among the best

RicanLunaP | 8 years ago

Wasn't expecting this to be that good, but I was very surprised. Christian Bale is awesome! 5/5

unsungspurs | 8 years ago

man i love this batman series... as of this post,.. im watching the series for the next 9to10 hours for the 5th or 6th time... who knows... i just love it

SigillumDiaboli | 8 years ago

its kind of funny because every time i dcide to watch this i am hesitant, but afterwards im like "oh yeah. duh. thats why i watched this again for the 1000th time." the role that reintroduced me to my love for Batman.

xeonzs | 8 years ago

Never seen this one before, really nice, didn't know the batman trilogy was so epic! 9/10

Akerstrom | 8 years ago

The way I see it, the Batman Trilogy is one entire masterpiece of a movie. I don't really prefer any part over another, it is one entire amazing movie. Nolan is brilliant. 10/10

doublekk | 8 years ago

This is a great origins story for Batman:) I was a bit skeptical at first when I heard Christian Bale was going to be Batman. But I believe he has made the character his own but there is one tiny thing I wouldn't mind of been different is his Batman voice:L 6.5/10

beasty155 | 8 years ago

excellent movie any batman fan has 2 c

bgpatr | 8 years ago

Exceptional. So dark. Bale is the man. 9/10

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